Free Geography Quiz


The Free Geography Quiz is one of seven sites in the Free Quiz Network, which is exactly what it sounds like: a network of quizzes on a variety of subjects. They're all completely free to use as much as you like - with no sales, no 'material only available after membership', no 'sign up for our newsletter', and not even a request for your email address! Just accurate, reliable and high quality quizzes, for fun and education.

The sites in the network, as well as the network itself, are all slowly growing and developing. I hope you'll find them interesting and fun!

The sites so far : :

Practice naming the bones, muscles and organs of the body :

Quizzes on space and astronomy :

Learn French by completing simple quizzes! :

Quizzes spanning the history of humanity :

You guessed it; all about Shakespeare and his works! :

The home of the network, with some fun quizzes all of it's own!